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48 Sample Microcentrifuge Rack

48 Sample Microcentrifuge Rack

This custom rack supports the use of Low Dead Volume Microcentrifuge Tubes (A02312) and standard microcentrifuge tubes to minimize dead volume.

Other Optional Autosampler Accessories

    Microtiter Dual Plate Rack (414106) - These racks take the place of [2] sample racks on the Autosampler. They are designed to support the use of any [2] of the following: 96 sample microtiter plates, custom 48 Sample Microcentrifuge Racks (414148), or 24 sample microtiter plates.
    Low Dead Volume Microcentrifuge Tubes (A02312) - These tubes can be used in conjunction with the 48 Sample Microcentrifuge Rack (414148) to reduce the amount of dead volume needed for a typical experiment. The dead volume can be reduced to as low as 10 μL. For more information see Tech Note 206 Minimum Sample Volumes.
    EZ-Perce Sealing Films (A04030) - These films can be used to minimize evaporation of small volume samples in microtiter plates or microcentrifuge tubes during long incubation times.
    X-Pierce Piercaeable Sealing Films (A04035) - These films are designed with a cross cut to allow entry of the sipper tube during sensitive experiments that require the samples to remain covered.


(H x W x D cm)
5 x 13 x 9 
0.36 kg (0.81 lbs) 
Supported Tubes
 Low Dead Volume Microcentrifuge
Tubes (A02312)


 KinExA 3200 & Autosampler
 Microtiter Dual Plate Rack (414106)