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Advantages of a Kinetic Exclusion Assay (KinExA)

  • Can measure cellularly expressed proteins.
  • Measurements can be made with unpurified materials. (e.g. serum, cell lysates, ascites fluid, supernatants, etc.)
  • Measures a wide range of binding constants.
  • Versatile assay formats.
  • Can identify non-standard binding interactions such as cooperativity and mixtures.
  • No risk of mass transport limitations or artifacts that may mask true binding constants.
  • Highly reproducible.


The KinExA 3100 uses the kinetic exclusion assay platform to provide a premium method to measure binding. The superior sensitivity of the instrument is due to a combination of patented flow cell technology, precision fluidics, and specialized optics.
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The KinExA 3200 is an improved model also employing the kinetic exclusion assay platform. Enhanced modifications offer additional experiment validation and efficiency, thereby increasing productivity.
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The Autosampler provides KinExA 3200 users increased productivity by enabling unattended operation though multiple experiments. It is a versatile and efficient addition to assist in the determination of binding characteristics.
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